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Ms. Carlson

Welcome to 6th grade! I absolutely love

working with students this age; they are

old enough to do fun stuff, but still young

enough to see the wonder in the world.

I am in my happy place when I'm teaching!

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am an Arizona Native. I was born in Winslow and moved around the state as a child. I ended up in Mesa and went to Jr. High and High School here. 
  • I have several degrees because I love learning! I graduated from MCC with an AA and an AED, Ottawa University with a Bachelor's in Education, and Concordia University with a double Masters in Curriculum & Methodology and the Inclusion Classroom. I have a provisional endorsement in Gifted education and love pushing kids to find their inner gifts. I love learning!
  • I have seven children! The oldest is 27 and the youngest is 4. My kids are the light of my life and my greatest joy. 
  • I am a widow, but not the black kind because I hate spiders!
  • I don't eat sugar, dairy, or gluten.
  • I have a weakness for kittens and energy drinks.
  • I love all things musical and tend to break into song in the middle of many lessons.
  • I have a dream to finish my books and get them published.
  • I teach because I believe in our youth. I believe in their capacity for greatness and goodness. I know they can and will make a difference in the world and I want to help them on their journey!
  • I love the colors purple and teal and encourage everyone to find their inner artist.
  • I believe everyone should love and learn and laugh every day!‚Äč
  • I love working in my garden and even grew some baby birds this year! 
  • The Arizona sky is my favorite thing to look at, besides my children's smiles.
  • I love movies and use quotes regularly in my teaching. I give mints if you can name the movie!