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You can feel good about yourself if you are hooked on these fun math games. Sudoku is a great way to practice logical thinking. Check out this site for levels of Sudoku that you may not have tried.

Dan Myers has put together many stories that have three acts. The first 'act' gives you a situation to think about and try to figure out. The second act may give you more in formation to help you solve the problem. The third 'act' explains it all. We will be using these in class on occasion. Can you figure these out? Perservearance and logical thinking are crucial!Type your paragraph here.

There is more than one way to write a letter. Remember these fun puzzles? A rebus is a way to write a message using symbols and pictures instead of letters and words. This activity makes students think deeper than what is written. Try figuring out the puzzles on this page, and then try writing your own! It could be your special family code.

You may have played with these as a child, or even as an adult. These colorful shapes are more than just a toy. Tangrams help a person see beyond the shapes, understand spatial relationships, and increase understanding of geometric  terms and problem solving skills. The attached link shows many different objects that can be formed with these 7 little shapes. Try them out. Can you come up with an object that isn't shown?

In class, we will be doing a lot with these stories. Read a few and work through them with your family. One person reads the clue and the rest ask the reader yes or no questions. This teaches us a lot about the assumptions our mind makes when we hear something.

What is logic?

This year in sixth grade, we will be going beyond our curriculum and exploring what it means to think logically. Games, situations, and class discussions will be incorporated to help us think about what we think. On this page, you will find activities and videos that help you bring that thinking home to support and expand upon what we do at school. Enjoy!

Ms. C