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  • ThinkCentral is where you will find our Language Arts textbook. Your child will be receiving a personal log in during the first few weeks of school. If all goes well, your student will have this information written in their agenda.


as created a great site that teaches Common Core Standards in fun game settings. This is a great way to have your student practice at home.

Learn to Type!!

Students today are part of the digital generation. Typing and computer skills are key for future career and college readiness. This site has fun typing games to help your student become fluent on the keyboard.

  • Time for kids has lots of great activities in math, grammar, science, and more. You don't need a membership to use it.

  • Study Jams is a great site with videos and activities in both math and science.

The Standards

Wondering about Common Core or the AZ College and Career Readiness Standards? This link will take you to the information.


If you would like to order books, you can do so here and give our class credit. We can earn free books for our library!

  • This website has a huge assortment of links to websites in all subjects. It is a great resource!
  • Fun Brain has lots of great reading resources. It also has fun games that practice grammar skills.
  • Math Magician is a great place to practice those basic math skills like division and multiplication.
  • Brainpop has fun cartoon videos on a multitude of topics.

  • has great practice in both math and grammar

The following websites have been previewed by me.

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