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CKLA(Core Knowledge Language ARts)

CKLA presents information in a logical, cross curriculum manner that builds cognitive skills through reading, writing, and cooperative learning. Elements of history are paired with literature to bring rich understanding to students.

JA BizTown

Junior Achievement has put together a fantastic program to teach children about economics and circular flow in our community.

AZ State Standards

There is a lot of good information on here about understanding the state standards.

What curriculum are we using?

If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum we are using this year, click on the links below and you will be taken to websites that explain more about what we are learning.

I have also added a link to the AZ Standards for 5th grade.

Saxon math

The beauty of this curriculum is how it scaffolds and builds throughout the year. Students are exposed to concepts over and over instead of just once during a lesson.

Science Fusion

This curriculum is well rounded with hands on, digital, interactive, and colorful textbooks.